30 Day Goal – How To


An example:

I don't know about you, but I learn best by seeing specific examples. I'm going to go through how I created my previous 30 day goal! My goal was revenue-based so it's a little less straight-forward than say a weight loss goal, or work out goal.

Here's how I went through each step.

1. Identify goal: I decided how much money I wanted to make. I wrote down the specific number.

2. I brainstormed all of the ways I might be able to generate business. I then took all of my ideas and narrowed them down to 4 areas, which, to be honest was about 1 too many. I decided to show up on stories daily on Instagram, write 30 blog posts, pitch 15 brands, and make 15 offers.

3. I put these in my calendar each week.

4. I created a little tracking chart in my paper planner with 30 dates and then 30 little boxes for each category. Once I completed a blog, a pitch, an offer or showed up on social media, I highlighted the corresponding box.

What I learned and what I will do differently:

1. My show up on social media was kind of vague. I knew what I meant when I wrote it though, but some days it wasn't clear if what I did was "enough." I'm going to be a lot more clear when I write my next 30 day goal.

2. 23 days in, I realized I had no desire to pitch brands. I had already done 7 pitches earlier in the month and I was sitting down to do the next 7. It dawned on me: I have no desire to make money this way. None. In that moment, I decided I'm all done pitching brands for food photography. It's not what I even want to do! P.S. If you didn't know, I also do food photography. I see it more as a fun hobby at this point.

3. It gets easier. At first, writing blog posts daily was HARD. By day 18, I realized it had become so easy. And I was really enjoying it!

4. I gained a ton of confidence in showing up and showing my face on my Instagram. I had previously been so hesitant and nervous to show up there and here to be honest. Now it seems effortless.

5. I also learned a lot about writing copy (my Instagram captions) and I've really honed in on what areas I'd like to improve.

6. I also learned I want to diversify where I'm meeting people! I realized I put all of my eggs in the Instagram basket and I'd like to spread that out a bit.

Tomorrow is day 30! As of right this second, I didn't hit my revenue goal - I still have 24 hours đŸ˜‰ BUT I had so much fun, and I learned  a ton, and I've got some serious momentum now. I had exactly zero momentum a month ago! It's beyond cliche, but it really 100% is about the journey and deepening the belief you have in yourself.

If you're ready to create your 30 day goal but want some help, book a consultation! It's 45 minutes of talking about where you are now, and the life you want to create in your future. Let's do it!


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