• “I know what I want to do, but I’m not doing it …”

    grettascholten January 26, 2023

    When you know what you want to do, but you aren’t doing it, you’re waiting to FEEL like doing it.   Waiting to feel motivated. Less tired. More capable. You tell yourself: I have to … I need to … I really should … I could be doing … “… but I really don’t want to.” This is leaving you in Indecision Land. And Indecision Land is exhausting.   My…

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  • You don’t need “deep work” to be productive

    grettascholten January 21, 2023

    Here’s my pet peeve with “deep work” / “focus time” First, ADHD. I mean, need I say more. Second, if you think your ability to be successful rests on your ability to do hours of deep, focused work, you’ll be actively delaying your success. And you’re going to feel fucking terrible about yourself. Anything that’s having you tamp down the value you put out – question it. Third, you CAN…

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  • Your business, time management & ADHD

    grettascholten January 10, 2023

    Time management & ADHD Over the last year I discovered that I {very likely} have ADHD. I’ve hesitated to share these things in the past because I haven’t formally been diagnosed, but I’m 99.9% I have ADHD and I’ve really found some things that make a big difference in how I’m spending my time. Here’s a little of my backstory: I THRIVED in work environments where I knew exactly what…

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  • Creating Capacity (How to stop over-scheduling yourself)

    grettascholten December 13, 2022

    How to stop over-scheduling yourself If work keeps spilling over & you always seem to have way more to get done than you actually have time for, you’re going to want to learn how to set your capacity.    Setting your capacity is just like selecting the right sized bowl when you want to bake a cake.     You would never expect a cake mix to fit inside a…

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  • “Why Do I Procrastinate?”

    grettascholten November 15, 2022

    Simply put: your brain’s job is to talk you out of doing anything other than seeking pleasure, avoiding pain, and conserving energy. If you’re trying to do something that you perceive as challenging, new or requiring effort expect that your brain WILL try to talk you out of it.   This is completely normal. You aren’t lazy and there isn’t anything wrong with you. EVERYONE procrastinates to some degree. It’s…

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  • How to Be More Consistent

    grettascholten November 8, 2022

    There are 4 stages to being consistent: Possibility, Excitement, Commitment, Habitual Possibility: You think about doing something new, you dream of what your life will look like when you’re doing those things, you buy planners, and you make a plan and maybe a vision board. Excitement: It’s day 1! You’re doing the thing! You’re really doing it! Commitment: It’s boring but you’re in. It’s hard, but you’re doing it. You…

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