• Get COMFY with not meeting your standard

    grettascholten May 31, 2023

    If you’re HORRIFIED by the title, you’re in the right place. Here’s the deal. As a perfectionist, your standard is already SKY high (I know, it doesn’t feel like it). And right now, your sky high standards are the barrier to you taking consistent action. And action IS what’s needed to move the needle on your goal. AND, the most frustrating (and enlightening) truth: your standard will ALWAYS be higher…

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  • One thing your calendar MUST have

    grettascholten May 17, 2023

    The NUMBER ONE mistake I see when it comes to calendaring is fantasy planning.   Let me give you some examples:   You know you’re getting back from a vacation on Sunday night. And you schedule your work day as normal on Monday, and you get a late start and struggle through your Monday. You consistently schedule your days back-to-back-to-back with no breaks, even though you consistently run out of…

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  • How to end your work day on time

    grettascholten April 30, 2023

    Ending work on time (and I mean both physically working AND thinking about work) will have you enjoying your downtime AND feeling refreshed and ready to head back into work on Monday.   The three biggest reasons for NOT ending your work day (or work week) on time are:   1. Doubting that you’ve done enough so you keep doing more and more and more – way beyond what you’ve…

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  • Stop putting everything else ahead of your capacity

    grettascholten April 28, 2023

    We need to talk about how you’re putting EVERYTHING ELSE ahead of your well-being (or as I refer to it: your capacity). Here’s what I mean: I want you to imagine you’re going on a road trip. Let’s say you live in Boston and you want to travel to California. When you have a to-do centric view (aka putting everything else ahead of your capacity), as you were getting in…

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  • “I know what I want to do, but I’m not doing it …”

    grettascholten January 26, 2023

    When you know what you want to do, but you aren’t doing it, you’re waiting to FEEL like doing it.   Waiting to feel motivated. Less tired. More capable. You tell yourself: I have to … I need to … I really should … I could be doing … “… but I really don’t want to.” This is leaving you in Indecision Land. And Indecision Land is exhausting.   My…

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  • You don’t need “deep work” to be productive

    grettascholten January 21, 2023

    Here’s my pet peeve with “deep work” / “focus time” First, ADHD. I mean, need I say more. Second, if you think your ability to be successful rests on your ability to do hours of deep, focused work, you’ll be actively delaying your success. And you’re going to feel fucking terrible about yourself. Anything that’s having you tamp down the value you put out – question it. Third, you CAN…

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