GrettaJuly 17, 2020

This feeling is on my mind right now because I just quit (like, today just quit) my full-time job as an occupational therapist in a school. In the middle of a pandemic. When my husband is also not working and going to school. I'm trusting myself and my gut that it's the right choice. That I will make sure it's the right choice. Deep down, I know this.

It took courage to sign up for my coaching program. It took courage to not quit the coaching program the very next day when the pandemic hit here in the States (I signed up for coaching at 11:15 pm the day before the NBA game was canceled right before tip off). It took courage to coach my first clients. It took courage to call the two bosses (life of a contract employee) I needed to call and deliver the news that I was quitting. It took courage to tell one of my very good friends that I won't be coming to work with her in the fall. It took courage to even come to this decision. It took courage to share this news on Instagram. It took courage to share this news with my friends in my group coaching program. It took courage to share this with my peer coaches in my coaching school. It took courage to do all of it.

Everyone knows. There's no hiding.

My brain is of course screaming at me right now. But that's to be expected. It's just trying to keep me safe. My brain thinks that living the same life is safe. But I don't want to keep living the same life. I want to create new things. I want to honor that little voice that's been telling me for over 5 years that there's more out there for me. I wasn't sure what "that" was but I kept trying new things until I found it.

I knew I found it the second I started my first coaching class and felt a strong sense of belonging. I knew I found it when my first coaching call with my first client flew by and I had no idea where the time had gone (in the best way). I knew I found it when I noticed I was happily spending my days researching, reading, and learning so I can be an even better coach for my clients.

It's scary, no doubt, to take this leap. And a bit scarier to take it publicly. But my hope is that if you see me take the leap, you'll want to take the leap, too. To dive into your biggest dreams and goals. Because life is too short to keep living the same life, over and over again when you have a little voice that keeps reminding you:

"There's more out there for you. Go get it."


If you think there might be something more for you, too, book a consultation! I'll help you live out your dreams. Promise.

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