Decisions From Possibility

GrettaMay 16, 2020

How to make decisions for the future you want

Why is it so hard to make decisions for ourselves that we’ve never made before? ⁣These are decisions that I would classify as "new decisions."

These can be anything from deciding to start exercising when you’ve never lifted weights in your adult life, deciding to use a calendar when you’ve never planned out a day in your life, or even deciding to follow a budget even though you don’t have a clue where to start. Or, investing in that course or that coach.  All of these decisions feel really daunting and our immediate reaction is to say 'no.' Why?

We make decisions and we decide what’s right and what’s wrong. What’s “right” or “wrong” is based off of our belief systems from the past. Our brain looks to our past results to see what’s possible for us in the future. If it's something we've never done our brain clams up and says no. way. Not possible. Never done it before.  Not interested! But why?

⁣Our brain doesn’t like to create new thinking because new thinking, according to our lower brain, is hard and dangerous. Our lower brain really likes to be efficient. Thinking the same thoughts = efficient. A great example of this is: think back to a time you started a new job or took a class in school that was really challenging. You were probably very focused, grasping to make sense of things and at the end of the day - very tired.⁣ That’s because it requires new thinking.

When you go to make a new decision - ESPECIALLY one that you’ve never made before AND it involves money, time, effort and adopting a new identity, your lower brain is like lol no. This is definitely not a good decision. But the other part of your brain - the higher level, conscious brain that is thinking in possibility is saying YES. ⁣

⁣Here’s where the pain comes in. In order to get new results you have to think new thoughts and make decisions from possibility, not from your past. Meaning you literally have to override your lower brain’s very well-worn way of thinking with your conscious brain to get to the new decision. ⁣Your lower brain will be telling you NO WAY. The whole time while you're considering your new decision AND in the aftermath if you take the leap and say yes to the "new decision."

However, if you say no, you'll feel relief. And that's where things get tricky. It feels good in the moment but what you're saying 'no' to possibility, to growth. Saying 'yes' to new decisions feels harder but it's so worth it.  I firmly believe we are here to evolve and grow and become more of who we are. Notice I didn't say better. We're already 100% worthy - growth or stagnation doesn't change that fact, but that's for another post.

⁣Making new decisions for ourselves is disorienting and scary, but it's unbelievably exciting, too. If you want to learn to get from where you are to where you want to be, schedule a consultation! It's totally free, fun and great practice at making new decisions for yourself!

How to Be Consistent

By Gretta | Aug 30, 2022 | 0 Comments

The Formula for Consistency   This is a concept I started (accidentally) back in the early days of my coaching business (May 2020) before I had my first client. I gave myself a 30 blogs in 30 days challenge.   At first, writing those daily blogs felt IMPOSSIBLE. It took me close to two hours to write one blog in the beginning, but I noticed by about day 10, blog writing actually started to feel easy. And by the end of the 30 days? I was writing blogs in less than 30 minutes & I actually really enjoyed writing them – and still do to this day.   This consistency process was refined last September when I gave myself a “last 90 days” challenge and broke it up into three, 30 day increments where I challenged myself to walk/jog 1 mile a day (within two days this became a walk 1 mile/day challenge #sonotarunner). This is another habit I still do even today, almost exactly 1 year later   In fact, I recently increased the intensity to two 1 mile walks daily + even though it’s double what I’d been doing, it felt easy!   I’ve used this same formula to create other business habits, like, email writing, and posting on IG and selling in stories, and other health habits, like eating breakfast daily, drinking mineral mocktails daily, and recently – jogging (not daily + it lasted two weeks until my shins decided to splint #sonotarunner).   The truth is, you can use this formula to create any habit you want to create.  So without further ado, The Formula for Consistency is: [Activity x duration x frequency] in a set timeframe If math is also not your strong suit, lemme give you some examples: Walk x 1 mile x daily for 30 days Pitch x 1 email x daily for 30 days Tidy x 1 room x daily for 30 days Blog post x 2000 words x 2 days/week for 30 days Offer x 1 post/story x daily for 14 days Here are the main takeaways:   – You’re going to want to keep it to ONE habit – Make sure that one thing is super specific – Decide how long/how much/how far/what location (duration) & how many days per week (frequency) – Give yourself an end point – my recommendation is no more than 30 days at a time – Track it by marking off a calendar, bubbling in circles with dates by them, or celebrating on Instagram. How you track it doesn’t matter; just track it! Happy habit creating!   See you next week for Time Tip Tuesday!   Gretta P.S. If you’d love to create your habit, join my time management group program where you’ll learn the real reason why you haven’t been able to be consistent before + exactly how to solve for it Click here for details! Doors close next Monday, September 5th so don’t wait too long to decide! I hope to see you inside 🙂

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Why Things Pile Up

By Gretta | Aug 23, 2022 | 0 Comments

Laundry, your to-do’s, that pile of books, bills, appointments … there’s a simple reason why these things keep piling up. You have a habit of telling yourself, “I’ll do it later.” Because you aren’t ready now. You don’t have what you need now. You can’t focus on it now. You’re too tired now. You don’t feel like it now. & the way we do one thing is the way we tend to do most things.  So when you’re applying this thought habit to almost every area of your life, things tend to pile up in lots of areas. And you end up looking around at all of your piles and to-do’s and unmade appointments and think: there’s too much to do and I don’t even know where to start. Which has you feeling overwhelmed, shutting down, scrolling on your phone, doing the quick and easy thing … and not deciding on where to start now. This keeps you in the cycle of, “I’ll do it later. If you want to break this cycle you have to start now – not by force or willpower but by asking yourself questions like: What’s the smallest piece I’m willing to do right now? What would be easy? What would be fun? What do I want to do? Where could I start?   & get started now. Remember, 1% action WILL create change. The smallest little bit counts. If you want to organize your time, you can download your free copy of my weekly planner & workbook right here! See you for next week’s Time Tip Tuesday, Gretta P.S. If overwhelm is what’s holding you back from having your sh*t together, join my time management group program where you’ll learn how to stay on top of everything – easily.

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How to Organize Your Time

By Gretta | Aug 16, 2022 | 0 Comments

If you feel like your to-do list is never ending, you have a pile of sticky note reminders, and you feel overwhelmed, let’s organize your time. First, you’ll want to write down everything you could do this week. Then, you’ll want to pick your top 5 priorities that you want to make sure get done this week – no matter what happens! After that, you’ll want to take a look at everything you wrote down, and pick 10 more things you’d love to get done this week – assign 2 to each day. Now, odds are everything from your list won’t fit – and that’s ok! You’ll definitely want to keep that list as a reference point to go back to when you have some downtime or when you get your 3 daily priorities done. Simply pick one thing that you feel most compelled to do right now, and get it done. Cross it off when you’ve completed it because, duh, that just feels good! This process that I outlined is the framework of my weekly planning process – you can totally do this on your own or you can use my handy dandy free Weekly Planner. In this planner, I cover things like: 1. How to write your plan in a way so that you actually do it and don’t avoid and procrastinate on it 2. How to be consistent and create a new weekly habit 3. How to know which top 5 priorities you should pick each week You can grab your copy right here. See you for next week’s Time Tip Tuesday, Gretta P.S. Have a time management question you’d love to have answered? Put your question in the comments and you may see the answer in a future Time Tip Tuesday!

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How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

By Gretta | Aug 9, 2022 | 0 Comments

The key to managing your time is to be able to calmly and easily sort through & separate the important from the unimportant and then follow through with the important (either directly or through delegation) and delay or delete the unimportant – without worry, stress, confusion, or overwhelm. The easiest way to accomplish this is to have a goal. Not a list of actions to check of every day, a result goal. Result goals are dollar amounts, pounds lost, inches gained, # employees hired, # of customers added, work hours/per week on average, rooms organized, to name a few examples. A goal gives you a focal point and when you have a focal point, you have clarity. And when you have clarity, you can easily prioritize your to-do list. And when you have a clear, easy, and doable prioritized plan for your day, you can get into action easily. And when you get into action easily? You make the changes you want to make.  This is how you make progress even when life happens. This is how you create work/life balance. This is how you enjoy your downtime. This is the exact process you’ll learn in my time management group program, Leverage Your Time. You’ll learn how to set a result goal, how to create a prioritized plan, how to easily follow through with that plan, and how to know when it’s time to adjust. You can join here. See you for next week’s Time Tip Tuesday, Gretta P.S. Have a time management question you’d love to have answered? Put your question in the comments and you may see the answer in a future Time Tip Tuesday!

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An Easy & Highly Effective Way To Plan – The Top 5

By Gretta | Aug 2, 2022 | 1 Comment

So much of what we think we need to do isn’t important. Make your brain do the hard work of identifying what’s actually most important and plan those things out clearly and specifically. This is the key to moving the needle (instead of just being busy).   To plan your week simply & effectively … Ask yourself: What are the 5 most important things for me to complete by Friday? Assign 1 to each day Before you write those things down, ask yourself: “What exactly will I produce/create/accomplish each day?” Write that down. It should be the result of your action, not the action itself. Put a little circle next to that thing. When you complete your daily result, fill in that circle. Or, if you’re adding this to your Google calendar and you complete it, change the color of that time block. Congratulations! You’re staying out of overwhelm & getting the most important things done.   Happy planning! See you for next week’s Time Tip Tuesday, Gretta P.S. Have a time management question you’d love to have answered? Put your question in the comments and you may see the answer in a future Time Tip Tuesday! P.P.S. If you loved this, join my email list. I share exclusive tips, perspective, and freebies over there, every Monday morning.

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I’m great at starting things but I procrastinate when it comes time to finish them

By Gretta | Jul 26, 2022 | 0 Comments

I think there are two types of perfectionists in this world – great starters and great finishers. You, my friend, are a great starter. & that’s amazing (as a great finisher – I envy you ;)) But you came here to learn how to finish those projects without procrastinating so let’s talk about how you can do just that! First, you’re going to want to get curious about the two stories you tell yourself: the one that has you starting things easily & the one that has you avoiding finishing. This is a little free mindset coaching here: you want to understand these two stories because one has you taking action and the other has you procrastinating. The ONLY difference between taking action and procrastinating is the story you tell yourself because your stories create your feelings (emotions) and we take action (or inaction) based on what we’re feeling. When you have both stories written down, highlight ONLY the facts. Facts are neutral, boring things we would all agree on. The story is what’s making it hard for you to finish, not the facts. Sit with the facts and notice what you might do if you were believing the story that had you diving into work easily. Second, you’re going to want to make finishing as low-pressure and easy as possible. You can do that by asking yourself two simple yet powerful questions: 1. What’s the very first thing I would do? 2. How can I make that as easy and simple and clear as possible? Write that ONE thing down & jump into action. If you’re still avoiding, make that first step even easier, even more clear, and even more doable. With planning to navigate out of procrastination, the goal is to get into action. The SMALLEST action possible starts to build momentum. Repeat this process as needed until you’re done!   See you for next week’s Time Tip Tuesday, Gretta P.S. Have a time management question you’d love to have answered? Put your question in the comments and you may see the answer in a future Time Tip Tuesday! P.P.S. If you loved this, join my email list. I share exclusive tips, perspective, and freebies over there, every Monday morning. 

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Finding Your Work Flow

By Gretta | Jul 5, 2022 | 0 Comments

You don’t need to work 9-5 (even if you work a 9-5). If your work day doesn’t seem to flow, it’s time to switch things up. Let go of the rules and the “supposed to’s” for a second; it’s time to get into experiment mode. No matter if you work in a 9-5 or you have your own business, you’re going to have times that are non-negotiable. This isn’t a problem. (And truly this is a whole other conversation for another day. There are lots of things we treat as non-negotiable that are actually negotiable.) Today we’re only focusing on allllll of the times and tasks that ARE negotiable. The main areas I’d encourage you to start experimenting with are: – Different work hours: this could look like focusing on working only a set number of hours per week (vs. set daily work hours), starting later or ending your day earlier (or vice versa), or taking a larger break in the middle of your days. – No set work hours but switching to a priority-only type schedule: you’ll set 3 priorities for your day and it doesn’t matter when you start them, as long as they get done you’re good to go – Different work days: Do you actually prefer to work a Sunday-Thursday schedule? Or take a half-day on Fridays? Or a 4 day work week? If nothing were set in stone, what schedule might you try first? You don’t need a huge overhaul, you could simply start working an hour or two Sunday nights, for example, to see if you enjoy that.  – Structured work hours: If you’ve been a little willy-nilly with your work time, you may enjoy setting a hard start or stop to your day, or setting start or done by times for certain tasks. No need to time block your whole week. Remember, a little structure goes a LONG way.  – Tasks at different times: If you usually check email first thing in the morning, switch it up to 10am. Or if you normally write content at 10am on a Tuesday but you always feel lacking in inspiration, try working on content creation on Saturday nights.  Keep an open mind here! You may be shocked at how much you love working in a brand new way. Once you have a task and time match – you’ll know it. You’ll FEEL the flow.  Happy experimenting, my friends! Gretta   P.S. If you loved this you have to get on my waitlist for my group program. We will be diving into topics like this and SO MUCH MORE! Enrollment starts July 17th for those on the waitlist (it opens to the general public on July 25th if there are still spots available). If you enroll during the early enrollment period (7/17-7/24) from the waitlist you get IMMEDIATE access. You can dive in right away into Group Onboarding, How to Manage Your Mind (to manage your time), The Formula for Consistency (your 1st module) and a Bonus Module: Goal Cycles (how to hit any goal) Spots are on first come, first served basis. To get on the waitlist simply fill out the contact form here.

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How to Move the Needle

By Gretta | Jun 26, 2022 | 0 Comments

If you want to get the most important things done, you need CLARITY and SIMPLICITY. It’s so easy to hide behind a to-do list with 15 items, or a day planned back to back. I see this all of the time. You’re checking the boxes, getting things done, but the important things are getting buried by the busy. In order to move the needle you need to have ONE big focus AND you need to be evaluating your week on a weekly basis. What are you working on this week? Is it creating one client? Completing the first part of a big project? Hiring one employee? When you’ve decided what your main focus is this week, then you’ll want to ask yourself: What are the five most important things that I want to get done that will help move me closer to that goal? Assign one to each day, write them down in your calendar, and put a circle next to each one. Fill in the circle once you complete that thing. Or, if you’re using a digital calendar, change that calendar block to a different color when that “big” thing is complete.  You’re going to want to overthink this or add more than 5 things. Don’t. Give yourself a week of simplicity and clarity. You’ll notice the difference immediately. Happy planning, my friends! Gretta   P.S. If you loved this you have to get on my waitlist for my group program. We will be diving into topics like this and SO MUCH MORE! Enrollment for just the waitlist starts on July 17th. If you enroll during the early enrollment period (7/17-7/24) from the waitlist you get IMMEDIATE access. You can dive in right away into the Formula for Consistency (where you’ll learn how to be consistent) and Goal Cycles (where you’ll learn how to hit any goal). Spots are on first come, first served basis. To get on the waitlist simply fill out the contact form here.

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Trying to Get Everything Done

By Gretta | Jun 20, 2022 | 0 Comments

When you tell yourself, “I’m trying to get everything done” here’s what you’re ACTUALLY saying: I can’t get it all done. I’m not someone who actually does what she says. I don’t actually know how to get these things done. Thankfully, there’s a simple fix for this. First, you’re going to want to define “everything.” Write everything down. Then, pick ONE thing to focus on. Where your focus goes, your energy goes. Get clear on the steps to complete that one thing. Write them out. Give each step a deadline. This is the most important part. You’re going to want to spend more time here thinking through your day and your week as you’re picking deadlines. This is what I call thoughtful planning. This is one of the biggest stumbling blocks for those of you who struggle with follow through. You don’t plan thoughtfully – you just pick an end point that you aren’t actually committed to, that you haven’t fully thought through. Keep those deadlines on that list or put them in your calendar. Despite what you may have heard – one isn’t better than the other. It’s about what works best for you. Try out one way and see how you like it and if you’re doing the things. If not, it’s time to reevaluate. This is how you ensure you get things done!   P.S. If you loved this – you have to get on my waitlist for my group program. We will be diving into topics like this and SO much more. Enrollment starts July 25th, or if you’re on my waitlist – July 17th. Spots are first come, first served. To get on the waitlist simply fill out the contact form below.

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Time Values

By Gretta | Jun 13, 2022 | 0 Comments

If something about how you’re spending your time seems off or like you’re fighting an uphill battle to do what you think you need to do, I’d care to wager you’re going against your time values. Time valuesis a concept I created when I realized that after struuhhh-guhh-ling STRUGGLING to do anything outside of the basics in my business for the better part of the last 6 months. I realized – HELLO – I’ve been spending my time and effort trying to live in accordance with someone else’s time values vs. spending my time living out MY OWN time values. This was a major epipheny. Once I realized what I had been doing, it felt like I had just lifted a 600lb weight from off my back. Let me give you an example of what living outside your time values looks like so you can see if you may be doing the same thing: – I had heard from a mentor (NOT directly from her, to be clear, but through a workbook of hers), “You have to stop scheduling personal appointments during work hours. When I adopted this value back in December, I immediately stopped scheduling hair appointments during the day even though taking personal appointments during work hours was probably one of my absolute FAVORITE parts about owning my own business. I stopped baking during work hours. I stopped napping during work hours. I also filled up my calendar with 16 clients and was working towards 20. And you know what else happened? I stopped being productive. It was like someone unplugged me. My creativity shut down. I spent WAY more time on my phone trying to avoid the pressure and stress I was creating for myself living between: “I need to be working but I don’t want to work.”   I’d feel some measure of relief around 5pm because at least then I could stop this ping-pong because my work hours were up. But then I felt guilt and worry. Would I ever figure this out? Would I be trapped in this cycle forever?   Thankfully the answer is no. I escaped! It took me 6 months but I escaped from my own personal time prison that I had constructed for myself. I wanted to share this with you ASAP incase you’re feeling trapped in the same sort of time purgatory.   Here are some questions you can start asking yourself to help you get clear on your time values as they relate to work. When you have your answers, you’ll want to compare them to how you’re spending your work time now.    How do you enjoy spending your time? Putzing around with work sprinkled in between? Or do you prefer focused times for work? Do you enjoy having work hours? Or do you prefer to work whenever you want? Do you like to have fun and then get to work? Or are you the opposite? Or something in between? If you could work in any way you wanted, in any environment (inside or outside your home) what would you do? Do you value efficiency? Or do you value tinkering until it’s just right? Or a mix of both depending on the project? What are you already doing now that you love and works for you? What has worked in the past? If you were being brutally honest, what do you hate about how you’re spending your work time now? Is it a rule you heard from someone else? Did you see someone you admire doing things that way?     Once you can see where you’re living outside of your time values, it’s time to start making adjustments. This part can be scary because it requires self-trust. However – the difference in the enjoyment of your time and how much more you get done will be STARK. It’s worth the risk, my friend. You can do this.     Talk next week! Gretta   P.S. I am currently booked out through the end of July, you can join the waitlist by scheduling a free consult here.

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