Finding Your Work Flow

GrettaJuly 5, 2022

You don't need to work 9-5 (even if you work a 9-5).

If your work day doesn't seem to flow, it's time to switch things up. Let go of the rules and the "supposed to's" for a second; it's time to get into experiment mode.

No matter if you work in a 9-5 or you have your own business, you're going to have times that are non-negotiable. This isn't a problem. (And truly this is a whole other conversation for another day. There are lots of things we treat as non-negotiable that are actually negotiable.)

Today we're only focusing on allllll of the times and tasks that ARE negotiable.

The main areas I'd encourage you to start experimenting with are:

- Different work hours: this could look like focusing on working only a set number of hours per week (vs. set daily work hours), starting later or ending your day earlier (or vice versa), or taking a larger break in the middle of your days.

- No set work hours but switching to a priority-only type schedule: you'll set 3 priorities for your day and it doesn't matter when you start them, as long as they get done you're good to go

- Different work days: Do you actually prefer to work a Sunday-Thursday schedule? Or take a half-day on Fridays? Or a 4 day work week? If nothing were set in stone, what schedule might you try first? You don't need a huge overhaul, you could simply start working an hour or two Sunday nights, for example, to see if you enjoy that. 

- Structured work hours: If you've been a little willy-nilly with your work time, you may enjoy setting a hard start or stop to your day, or setting start or done by times for certain tasks. No need to time block your whole week. Remember, a little structure goes a LONG way. 

- Tasks at different times: If you usually check email first thing in the morning, switch it up to 10am. Or if you normally write content at 10am on a Tuesday but you always feel lacking in inspiration, try working on content creation on Saturday nights. 

Keep an open mind here! You may be shocked at how much you love working in a brand new way. Once you have a task and time match - you'll know it. You'll FEEL the flow. 

Happy experimenting, my friends!



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