Get COMFY with not meeting your standard

GrettaMay 31, 2023

If you're HORRIFIED by the title, you're in the right place.

Here's the deal. As a perfectionist, your standard is already SKY high (I know, it doesn't feel like it).

And right now, your sky high standards are the barrier to you taking consistent action. And action IS what's needed to move the needle on your goal. AND, the most frustrating (and enlightening) truth: your standard will ALWAYS be higher than what you can currently produce when you're growth-minded.

Therefore, if you have goals, you HAVE to learn how to be comfortable with not meeting your own standards. It's a requirement.

When you learn how to embrace the discomfort of not meeting your standards and taking action anyway, you create an unshakeable, quiet confidence. And from this confidence you'll take consistent action because you KNOW the little steps add up quickly AND in a big way.

This is exactly what you'll learn how to do inside of DONE OVER PERFECT. You can join today.



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