How to Be Consistent

The Formula for Consistency


This is a concept I started (accidentally) back in the early days of my coaching business (May 2020) before I had my first client. I gave myself a 30 blogs in 30 days challenge.


At first, writing those daily blogs felt IMPOSSIBLE. It took me close to two hours to write one blog in the beginning, but I noticed by about day 10, blog writing actually started to feel easy. And by the end of the 30 days? I was writing blogs in less than 30 minutes & I actually really enjoyed writing them - and still do to this day.


This consistency process was refined last September when I gave myself a “last 90 days” challenge and broke it up into three, 30 day increments where I challenged myself to walk/jog 1 mile a day (within two days this became a walk 1 mile/day challenge #sonotarunner). This is another habit I still do even today, almost exactly 1 year later


In fact, I recently increased the intensity to two 1 mile walks daily + even though it's double what I'd been doing, it felt easy!


I’ve used this same formula to create other business habits, like, email writing, and posting on IG and selling in stories, and other health habits, like eating breakfast daily, drinking mineral mocktails daily, and recently - jogging (not daily + it lasted two weeks until my shins decided to splint #sonotarunner).


The truth is, you can use this formula to create any habit you want to create. 

So without further ado, The Formula for Consistency is:
[Activity x duration x frequency] in a set timeframe
If math is also not your strong suit, lemme give you some examples:
Walk x 1 mile x daily for 30 days
Pitch x 1 email x daily for 30 days
Tidy x 1 room x daily for 30 days
Blog post x 2000 words x 2 days/week for 30 days
Offer x 1 post/story x daily for 14 days

Here are the main takeaways:


- You're going to want to keep it to ONE habit

- Make sure that one thing is super specific

- Decide how long/how much/how far/what location (duration)
& how many days per week (frequency)

- Give yourself an end point - my recommendation is no more than 30 days at a time

- Track it by marking off a calendar, bubbling in circles with dates by them, or celebrating on Instagram. How you track it doesn't matter; just track it!

Happy habit creating!


See you next week for Time Tip Tuesday!



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