How to be productive (instead of busy)

If you want to be productive instead of busy it's time to ruthlessly prioritize.


Ruthlessly prioritizing looks like selecting ONLY 1-3 high-impact activities that you'll accomplish/finish/complete daily & writing them down.

In order to move the needle, there's a crucial shift in mindset from being action-oriented to being someone who closes the loop, daily.

You can do more, but not at the exclusion of these 1-3 things. This will help you to stop pretending the stuff that feels safe and easy is getting you anywhere new.


But how do I know what's high impact? Great question, so glad you asked.

If the answer is 'yes' to any of these questions, odds are it's a high-impact activity.


1. Does it ...

require emotional risk?

Meaning, you might fail, feel vulnerable, rejected, scared or embarrassed. If yes, it's a high-impact activity.


2. Does it ...

seem challenging or it would require more of you or would it challenge what you think you're capable of?

If yes, it's a high impact activity because the goal is growth. If you feel a stretch or discomfort, it's growth.


3. Does it ...

require you to trust, slow down, do less, make things easier so you can stay committed without quitting, be patient, own your brilliance, or make a decision?

If yes, then it's definitely a high-impact activity because learning how to think in shades of grey vs black and white IS a needle moving activity because it'll have you learn how to be committed and giving 1-100% daily vs. 100% or nothing, sometimes.


4. Have you ...

been avoiding it?


This is always a tell-tale sign that this will be a high-impact activity even if it's just high-impact because you stop feeling distracted and overwhelmed because you stop telling yourself the story of how you're behind and you should have done it by now.


Select your 1-3 high-impact, needle moving activities, write them down & get them done! THAT'S how you shift out of being busy to being productive.

I can't wait to hear what shifts for you when you implement this! Let me know in the comments.

Until next week!



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