How to Build Your Capacity

GrettaAugust 17, 2023

Capacity is your mental, emotional, and physical energy. And it's within your control to increase or decrease. Your capacity is a big part of what determines how productive you'll be. (Warning: some of these might make you LOL - they might sound weird, but I swear they work)

Here are 10 things you can do right now to INCREASE your capacity:


1. Go on a walk or workout

2. Write down whatever thoughts are on your mind - especially if you're having a rough day

3. Bake some cookies

4. Put your phone away and watch your favorite TV show (or reruns of your favorite TV show - Gilmore Girls, anyone?)

5. Break up your routine and go somewhere new - a new park, a coffee shop, or somewhere you haven't been in a while

6. Drive around and listen to music or a podcast

7. Go snuggle your dogs (or cats)

8. Cleaning of any kind: your windows, your bathroom, vacuum your floors, sweep, or wipe down your countertops.

9. Enjoy a drink outside (minus your phone)

10. Meditate (Buddhify is a great mindfullness and meditation app!)


None of these options sound like things you'd actually enjoy? No worries. This isn't a hard and fast checklist - use it for inspo.

Or, you can ask yourself:

What do I want right now?
What do I need most?
What would be incredible right now?

Answer honestly and give that to yourself in whatever capacity you can.

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