How to create purpose and direction in 2022: Part 2

You have your one goal. It's time to plan it out.

Here's how you're not gonna do it:

There will be no listing out a 17 step morning routine, writing down your 24 step evening routine, scheduling in 6 workouts per week, or writing down what you're gonna eat at each meal.


That shit doesn't work. If it worked, you wouldn't be looking for a different way right now.

Here's the truth. It doesn't matter what you plan BECAUSE the MOST important thing for you to learn how to do this month is to build the habit of taking daily (or weekly, depending on your goal) action towards your goal.

Learning how to commit and stick to your plan IS the first step. You have to know how to do that first.

So pick something, anything that you think will get you closer to your goal. There isn't a right answer here so stop looking for one.

The point is that you pick something that is very CLEAR, very SMALL & somewhat EFFECTIVE.

You're going to pick ONE - yes - ONE thing you're going to do on a regular schedule this month.

What one thing if you repeated it 20-30 times this month would have an impact? Decide to make that your thing for January.

You're going to want to tell me, but GRETTA. That is NOT enough.

Here's what I have to say to that:

How do you know?

Doing fewer things, well IS impactful.
More is not better.
Small efforts repeated daily compound significantly.
TRY IT 😉 Worst case scenario, you go back to trying to hit 5 goals at once.

When you have your simple plan, write out when you'll do that thing in your calendar - for this week only. Yes! I know! It's Thursday! START NOW.  You do not need a fresh start (yes, I know, fresh starts are fun) - think of this as a jumpstart to your goal.

If you have a paper calendar, put a little circle next to the thing you're going to do, and fill in that circle when you complete it.

Your homework:

1.  Decide on your simple plan. Do not over-complicate this. The point is that you get in the habit of creating a plan & following your plan. Whatever you pick is good enough.
2. Decide what day(s) you'll do each thing for JUST this week. Do not go beyond this week (because, when you plan you need to be thoughtful and consider what your energy might be like, what else you have going on, etc. it is significantly harder to anticipate and consider those things weeks in advance. Don't worry, you get to plan again for the first week in January on Sunday).
3. Write down that plan in your calendar. 
4. Put a little circle next to each activity/thing you'll produce.

Congratulations! Your January plan is complete! Tomorrow, we'll talk about the most important skill when it comes to hitting your goal.

See you then!


P.S. This is the work I do with my clients. If you want to ensure that this time next year you're celebrating hitting your big goal, schedule a consult.

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