How to Get Out of a Rut

GrettaJune 24, 2020


There is a way out

I'm going to keep this short and sweet.

1. Recognizing and Decide. Recognizing you're feeling stuck is the first step. The next step is deciding to do something about it. What do you want to do? Pick one thing, put it in your schedule, and then when your schedule tells you to do that thing - do it.

2. Feel the urge to ignore your schedule. It'll happen. You're really not going to want to do the thing you planned on doing. Do it anyway. It will probably feel like you're climbing a mountain, do it anyway.

3. Start to pay closer attention to how you're talking to yourself. I know for me, the negative self-talk is insidious. The more I'm onto it, the more sneaky it becomes. I know for me this can turn into a slippery slope. My big indicator that I'm no longer aware of the mean things I'm saying to myself is my urge to buffer/escape/numb (for me, this is is using my phone or eating salty/sweet foods or comfort foods) rises significantly. Urges for those things are like a bright red flashing warning light of unconscious negative self talk.

4. Stop buffering. Especially if you can't hear the negative self talk. Once you stop buffering, you'll be able to hear the negative self talk loud and clear. You'll also uncover what emotions you're trying to avoid by buffering. This is going to feel terrible, FYI.

5. Write. Write down all of the things you're hearing yourself think. Write down what your feeling. Write down all of this as often as it comes up.

6. Repeat. 

If you're struggling and feel like you're in a rut - schedule a free consultation.

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