How to get the most out of coaching

GrettaJune 23, 2020

Trust that you'll always get exactly what you need from the session

You've just made an investment in coaching. Congratulations! It's the most transformative decision I've ever made and I hope the same for you - no matter who your coach is. To be clear, as a client, I go into and come away from each session with the belief that I'll always get exactly what I need from a session. In my opinion, this is the most important takeaway from this post. I hope it's that you consider adopting this belief for yourself. The rest of what I offer here is simply icing on the cake.

1. Keep a running list of topics or areas you want coaching on or questions you may have. I find this especially handy when I'm feeling neutral or happy heading into a session and I don't have a burning issue to work on. For my list, I simply jot down issues as they come up throughout the week. You can use the Notes app on your phone or a piece of paper hung on your fridge. Whatever works for you! Side note: You never, ever have to have anything to bring to your session to work on - ever! Your coach has your back on this and will help you uncover things to work on if you don't have anything specific you want to talk about that week! Or any week. This is just a good strategy to make sure you get all of your questions answered or get all the coaching you want on any subject.

2. Be willing to be honest and be willing to be vulnerable. Obviously, vulnerability is dependent on your comfort level. Coaches won't force you to go where you're not willing to go. You ALWAYS have the say but honesty and vulnerability will take you far in coaching and in self-coaching.

3. Be willing to be wrong. I think this is the fastest way to a breakthrough. It doesn't mean you automatically take on beliefs without questioning them. It just means noticing when you feel resistance to something your coach says. For me, this works best when I notice I get defensive to advice or coaching. Usually that's a GREAT sign that I need to take a closer look. I do this by asking myself, "How might I be wrong about this?" and "How could            be right about this?"

4. Commit to go all in. All in on your growth, your transformation, your belief in yourself and your belief in your goals. Commitment is, "I get what I came for. No matter what".

5. Responsibility. Take 100% full responsibility for your results. You're the only person who ever creates your results! The more deeply you know this and believe this, the more you start to take ownership of what you're creating in your life. This also helps with developing belief in yourself. Often times when you start to create amazing results like more money in your business or more clients, your brain will want to tell you that it was a fluke. It's so crucial to write down exactly how you created that result. You'll teach yourself that number one: YOU are in charge of your results. And, number two: it wasn't a fluke, you're not an impostor, and it wasn't luck.

I think that's it! I'd love to hear any questions you may have about coaching and the process or what a session looks like! Of course, the BEST way to find out is to schedule a free consultation.

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