How to Get Exactly What You Want: Goal Achievement


In order to get what you want, you have to first let yourself want what you want without apology.

Don't edit yourself. Don't downplay your desires. Write it all down, with detail and specificity.

It's the difference between setting your GPS to the west coast vs. The San Diego Zoo in San Diego, California

Next, how do you think you'll feel when you have all of these things? Whatever those feelings are for you, you'll want to practice feeling those feelings now. You can do this by imagining yourself driving your new car, or your bank account reflecting a certain amount of money, or picturing yourself in Italy. Whatever your dream is, picture yourself there.

Finally, from those amazing feelings, you'll want to take action towards your goal. What's are the next steps? What could you do today?

If you want to feel confident and know exactly what actions to take, how to evaluate if you're on the right path and how to always follow through with what you'll say you'll do, schedule a consult. Together, we'll turn your goal into an easy-to-follow roadmap, using your calendar. Your entire path to your goal will be laid out clearly.



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