How to make follow through effortless

GrettaJanuary 13, 2022

If following through feels inconsistent, it's always one of these three reasons:

1. You aren't planning well (or at all)

2. You're overwhelming, confusing, or pressuring yourself

3. Procrastination (scrolling, cleaning, doing laundry, reading, etc. when you want to be doing more productive things)

Making follow through effortless comes down to three things:


1. Planning well

Honestly, if you learn how to plan well, you WILL be someone who follows through consistently. Period. This is why I teach my clients how to do this from session one. Learning how to turn the plans in your head into reality is the the difference between hitting your goals and not hitting your goals.

2. Knowing how to turn your overwhelm, confusion, or pressure into calm commitment.

This is intentionally shifting out of an overwhelmed/confused or pressure-filled state, into feeling calm and commited so you can stop avoiding what you want to do and follow through without force or white-knuckling.

3. Knowing how to stick to what you planned when all you want to do is procrastinate.

As long as you have a brain, you'll always have the temptation to procrastinate. You want to learn how to navigate out of procrastination so you don't spend your days scrolling when you want to be cooking healthy meals or working out or growing your coaching business. Knowing how to stick to your plan when you want to procrastinate saves you so much time and so much emotional effort. It's the difference between constantly having something hanging over your head and feeling clear, calm, and focused.

This is what I help my clients do and this is what I'll help you do:

Plan well (in less than 5 minutes per week)

Turn your overwhelm, confusion, and pressure into calm commitment (so you can be consistent)

& how to navigate out of procrastination so you stop wasting your time scrolling when you really want to be doing more productive things.

Ready to make follow through effortless? Click here to schedule a free consult.

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