How to Make Time Management Easy

In order to manage your time, you DON'T need a massive overhaul.

Starting to manage your time intentionally is just like if you were to start to train for a marathon. Your first run wouldn't be 26.2 miles.

If your fitness level is anything like mine, you'd probably start with more of a walk/jog situation.

Time management is the same way.

Start with where you're at, today. You can do this by picking the one most important thing to get done. Write it down in a planner. And get it done.

This is all you EVER need to do. There is no "advanced time management."
Pick one thing - the most important thing (to you) - and get it done. Rinse and repeat. You'll be SHOCKED at how much you get done once you realize it's this simple.

The more you do this, the easier it'll be. And when planning and follow through is easy you will have developed the skill of managing your time well.

& I bet you can already find where you're doing this if you look for it.

This is so important! BECAUSE. The more you identify as someone who plans and follows through, the easier planning and following through will be.

- Keep it simple.

- Pick the most important thing (to you - there's no "right" or "better" thing to do - truly)

- Be in it for the long game. See time management like a marathon that you're training for. It ONLY gets easier over time because you get stronger BECAUSE you've been consistent (and you've made it EASY to be consistent).


Consistency is NOT about giving 100% every single day. It's about showing up every single day. Even if that showing up looks like the bare minimum.

Every level of effort counts. Consistency compounds.

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