How to Move the Needle

GrettaJune 26, 2022

If you want to get the most important things done, you need CLARITY and SIMPLICITY. It's so easy to hide behind a to-do list with 15 items, or a day planned back to back. I see this all of the time. You're checking the boxes, getting things done, but the important things are getting buried by the busy.

In order to move the needle you need to have ONE big focus AND you need to be evaluating your week on a weekly basis. What are you working on this week? Is it creating one client? Completing the first part of a big project? Hiring one employee?

When you've decided what your main focus is this week, then you'll want to ask yourself:

What are the five most important things that I want to get done that will help move me closer to that goal?

Assign one to each day, write them down in your calendar, and put a circle next to each one. Fill in the circle once you complete that thing.

Or, if you're using a digital calendar, change that calendar block to a different color when that "big" thing is complete. 

You're going to want to overthink this or add more than 5 things. Don't. Give yourself a week of simplicity and clarity. You'll notice the difference immediately.

Happy planning, my friends!



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