How to Organize Your Time

If you feel like your to-do list is never ending, you have a pile of sticky note reminders, and you feel overwhelmed, let's organize your time.

First, you'll want to write down everything you could do this week.

Then, you'll want to pick your top 5 priorities that you want to make sure get done this week - no matter what happens!

After that, you'll want to take a look at everything you wrote down, and pick 10 more things you'd love to get done this week - assign 2 to each day.

Now, odds are everything from your list won't fit - and that's ok! You'll definitely want to keep that list as a reference point to go back to when you have some downtime or when you get your 3 daily priorities done. Simply pick one thing that you feel most compelled to do right now, and get it done. Cross it off when you've completed it because, duh, that just feels good!

This process that I outlined is the framework of my weekly planning process - you can totally do this on your own or you can use my handy dandy free Weekly Planner. In this planner, I cover things like:

1. How to write your plan in a way so that you actually do it and don't avoid and procrastinate on it

2. How to be consistent and create a new weekly habit

3. How to know which top 5 priorities you should pick each week

You can grab your copy right here.

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