How to Plan Your Week

GrettaAugust 24, 2023

Planning your week simply and effectively comes down to being able to identify the very few, most important things (and for all intents and purposes - ignore the rest).

Because time management is 98% your mindset (the other 2% is strategy like knowing how to make those big, overwhelming projects feel simple and doable or how to get that easy thing that you've been putting off for 3 weeks done right away).

The thing that's keeping your to-do lists 48 items long, and you furiously scribbling on sticky notes is the fear that you'll forget something. 

Feeling like you're on top of everything is allllll about mentally sorting between 5-alarm important things (deadlines, things to keep your business going) and things that can absolutely wait (email, little piddly things that won't move the needle). 

When you do this, as scary as it feels, you'll create more space in your day AND most importantly - in your brain.

You won't be scared to forget things because you'll feel calmer and you won't be rushing off to get the next thing done.

You'll have time and energy to think logically and calmly and see the whole picture.

To start creating that mental space, ask yourself: What are the 5 most important things for me to complete this week?

You'll want to assign one thing to each day of the week, when possible.

Let's say you have two projects, both with a deadline on Tuesday, you may want to plan both projects for Monday. And then leave Tuesday blank, and have your 3 other things on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

You don't want to add stuff just for the sake of adding stuff. You really want to keep it to the very few truly most important things.

Before you write those things down, ask yourself: "What exactly will I produce/create/accomplish?"

Using our two projects on Monday example ... you'd want to write Project A completed and Project B completed. 

It should be the result of your action, not the action itself.

Put a little circle next to that thing. When you complete your daily result, fill in that circle. 

The more you practice this, the better you'll get and the more calm you'll feel.

If you must plan more 😉 - keep it to NO MORE than two more things at a time! (So, three priorities total/day!)

If/when you get those things done, I recommend only adding ONE more thing to your plan at a time 🙂

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