If you feel like you really need to get caught up this week

If you feel like you really need to get caught up this week, there’s only one thing you ACTUALLY need to do …


Here’s why:

When you tell yourself, I need to get caught up thoughts, like:

– I’m behind
– I’m so off track
– This isn’t where I should be

You’re choosing to work from a DEFICIT. It’s like you’re in a race but instead of lining up with everyone else, you decide to walk back 800m & start there instead. Literally no one told you to walk back there and start after everyone else.

Emotionally, you’ll be working from a deficit, too. You’ll go REALLY hard in the beginning of the week because you’re motivated, but by mid-week you’ll be emotionally exhausted.

This keeps you in, “always need to catch-up cycle.”

Working in bursts and lulls like this is tiring because every week you have to keep doing the hardest part: starting.

I want to offer you a different way: the mindset of consistency. The mindset of consistency sounds like, “What are the few, most important things for me to get done today?” 

When you’re using the mindset of consistency, you’ll feel calm, focused, and purposeful. And from this energy, you’ll move the needle, with energy to spare. 

If you tend to focus on everything you need to do, and you always feel like you need to be doing more in your business in order to hit your goals, Creating Consistency may be a great fit for you. In Creating Consistency you can expect to learn how to work sustainably 🥂 No more guessing at what you think creates your goals, you’ll KNOW exactly what to do to hit your goals (and it’s SO much less than you’re doing now – I guarantee it). You can join using the link above.

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