I’m great at starting things but I procrastinate when it comes time to finish them

I think there are two types of perfectionists in this world - great starters and great finishers. You, my friend, are a great starter. & that's amazing (as a great finisher - I envy you ;))

But you came here to learn how to finish those projects without procrastinating so let's talk about how you can do just that!

First, you're going to want to get curious about the two stories you tell yourself: the one that has you starting things easily & the one that has you avoiding finishing.

This is a little free mindset coaching here: you want to understand these two stories because one has you taking action and the other has you procrastinating. The ONLY difference between taking action and procrastinating is the story you tell yourself because your stories create your feelings (emotions) and we take action (or inaction) based on what we're feeling.

When you have both stories written down, highlight ONLY the facts. Facts are neutral, boring things we would all agree on.

The story is what's making it hard for you to finish, not the facts. Sit with the facts and notice what you might do if you were believing the story that had you diving into work easily.

Second, you're going to want to make finishing as low-pressure and easy as possible.

You can do that by asking yourself two simple yet powerful questions:

1. What's the very first thing I would do?
2. How can I make that as easy and simple and clear as possible?

Write that ONE thing down & jump into action. If you're still avoiding, make that first step even easier, even more clear, and even more doable.

With planning to navigate out of procrastination, the goal is to get into action. The SMALLEST action possible starts to build momentum.

Repeat this process as needed until you're done!


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