Ingrained Beliefs

Women have different barriers and challenges to managing their time well than men do. This doesn't mean it's impossible for us to manage our time well or easily - far from it. It just means as a women, you need a different approach than the advice you read out in the world because general time management advice was designed with men in mind.

One of our unique challenges is the ingrained beliefs the vast majority of us carry. Some examples of these beliefs are:

  • We put a lot of stock in what other's think of us, of what we should do, of what is acceptable and what's not. This leads us to looking outside of ourselves to decide what to do, how to act, which decisions to make
  • We place other's happiness above our own - whether that's our kids or our spouse or our boss or our co-workers. It's rampant
  • We do things out of obligation rather than risk disappointing someone else. This is a variation of the above point. We would much rather feel frustrated or obligated or like a martyr than risk letting someone else down
  • We seek validation and answers and approval outside of ourselves because we don't know how to give it to ourselves, we don't know how to deeply trust ourselves, and we think other's might know better than we do

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