Mindset is The Only Thing

Hear me:

Especially if your reaction to the word "mindset" is to roll your eyes or say: duh, yeah I already know. You need this post. Everyone needs this post.

If you already know that mindset is everything: Do you think on purpose? Every single day? Not do you know how: Do you do think on purpose every single day? Yes or no.  

If you rolled your eyes at the word mindset. It's not about thinking happy, pretty thoughts all of the time. It's about recognizing the neutrality of circumstances in the world and realizing what creates your experience of life is your thoughts. 

What thoughts are you choosing to think? Do you blame others or circumstances? Do you think traffic is inherently frustrating? It's not. It's your thoughts about traffic that are causing your frustration. Try it out. Just experiment, you don't have to take my word for it that mindset is the only thing.

Look no further than COVID. COVID is a virus that exists in the world. The fact that COVID exists is a provable fact.

People's thoughts on COVID are what's creating their experience right now. Some people think it's overblown and not dangerous. They probably feel pretty calm and safe, so they're living their lives as normally as they can. Going out, traveling, going to weddings. There are other people who believe COVID is a threat and is dangerous and something to be taken seriously. They probably feel cautious or hesitant. They are staying home, wearing masks if they do go out, and significantly limiting their time with others, if spending any time with others at all.

Each thought creates a different emotion which drives what action is taken.

Now, you can argue all day long that the other side is wrong. But, it doesn't change the fact that your mindset determines everything in life. This is true for COVID, this is true for traffic. Mindset creates your experience of the large, and (hopefully) once-in-a-lifetime events and the small, mundane activities that happen every day. 

Why does this matter? Because your thoughts will shape your life. Your thoughts create your feelings. We experience our lives through our feelings.  Read that again. We experience our lives through our feelings. Our feelings are why we do, or don't do anything in our lives. If you want to get some authority over your life, you want to learn to master your mindset. You want to learn how to think on purpose.

If you're ready to learn the magic that is managing your mind, and therefore creating any life you want, schedule a free consultation!

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