Oh I Could NEVER Do That

GrettaJuly 19, 2020

why not?

I hear this phrase all. of. the. time. It comes out like a reflex. Oh, I could never do that. As if it's true!

My question is always: why?

The answer is usually one of three things:

  1. Well, I've never done it before.
  2. I'm too scared.
  3. I'll suck at it. Or, I'll fail.

My responses to each of those are:

  1. So, you just want to keep doing the same things you've always done?
  2. So what?
  3. And?

Of course you've never done it before - it's something new! That's the WORST reason not to do something! Doing new things is how you live a bigger life. Do it anyway. Of course you're scared, you've never done it before! Do it anyway. Of course you might suck at it or fail - it's something you haven't done before! Have you noticed babies kind of suck at walking at first? Do it anyway. Fear of failure holds us back from the best things. Success is built on a pile of failures. If you want success, you HAVE to fail. And fail a LOT. Spectacularly. Often. Flat on your face. It's the getting up and the learning from those failures that get you to success.

Go out there and do new things. Be terrified. FAIL. Keep going. It's the only way to success and it's the only way to a bigger life.

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