Overcome Overwhelm: Get Organized & Follow A Schedule


The fastest way out of overwhelm is to write down everything that's currently swirling around in your brain. You won't want to do this because it will feel like slowing down and the last thing you want to do when feeling overwhelmed is to stop working.

That's precisely why you need to do this. When emotions are high, intelligence is low. You make knee-jerk decisions and you stay in putting-out-fires mode. It keeps you constantly reacting to your life instead of calmly planning it out and following through with your plan. Here's how you're going to do that:

  1. What works best is getting the story out of your head and on to paper. You can then see what's a story and what the facts are. This alone is can bring your stress and anxiety and overwhelm way down.
  2. After you get all of those thoughts on to paper, focus on the facts. How many emails? How many pitches? How many shoots? What is the exact deadline? What exactly do you need to do to meet that deadline?
  3. Now that you have the facts, ask yourself: is there anything else that I'd like to get done today? This week? Write those down, too.
  4. With your list, decide how long you're going to give yourself to complete each thing that you've written down.
  5. Then, decide when exactly you're going to do it. What day, what time will you start? Be done?
  6. Put those time-blocked tasks into your calendar.
  7. And then follow your calendar.

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