Past and Future Self

Building self-trust

Think about your life right now. What results do you have right now that you're thankful to your past self for creating? What results do you want to start creating right now for your future self?

When deciding to work towards a new goal, or pick up a new habit, it can be helpful to think of your future self. What would she love for you to do? What would she tell you about this moment that you're in right now? To keep going and that it's worth the struggle? To not worry? That it gets easier?

One of my favorite ways to develop this relationship between your past self and your future self is writing a meal plan. That probably isn't what you were expecting me to say. Hear me out - it isn't about losing weight or healthy eating. Although it can be, if that's your goal. I didn't have weight loss in mind when I started writing my meal plan 24 hours in advance. I did it because I wanted to feel my emotions instead of eating. I would eat when I was bored, or happy, or worried.

The key to developing this relationship is you have to follow the plan to the letter, especially when you plan let's say, not so well for yourself (it's going to happen - plan on it). If you stick to it, even when you plan poorly, you better believe when you go to write your plan that night, you'll be a lot more mindful and careful when planning your next day's meals. After a few weeks you start getting really good at planning and you'll start to develop trust with your self. You're teaching yourself to follow through and that you can rely on yourself and that you have your own back.

But I don't care about losing weight or eating healthy. I hear you. The way we do one thing is the way we do everything. If you get good at this skill - especially if food isn't a big deal to you - I can promise you it's going to build your self-confidence, self-trust and you'll be adding to your result bank. If you trust yourself to hit these small goals, it will absolutely spill over into other areas and larger goals.

If you want to learn more about how to start this process - I'd love to chat with you!


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