Planning 101

GrettaMarch 22, 2022

How to plan your week: simply, easily, and effectively

  1. What are the 5 most important things for you to get done this week?
  2. Do any of those things need to be broken down further? I ALWAYS err on the side of breaking it down "too far" then not far enough. If you are breaking it down - what's the first step? That first step will be one of your 1-3 daily priorities.
  3. Decide when you'll do each by writing them down in a planner. This is the one I've used for 6 years.You're going to want to write those things very clearly and with a high level of specificity (see examples below)
  4. Write a circle next to each and color the circle in when you complete each.
  5. That's it! Simple. Easy. Effective.

Examples of how to make vague planning more specific:

Workout --- Walk 1 mile
Eat healthy --- Eat 1 cup of vegetables at dinner, 3x per week
Drink more water --- Drink 64 oz of water by 6pm, Monday - Friday

Prioritizing FAQ

Q: Can I do more than 3 things?

A: Of course! You just don't want to do other things at the exclusion of your 1-3 things. Meaning, if you find yourself doing a bunch of busy work instead of your 1-3 things, get curious about why you're avoiding your list.

The most like answer is: your plan isn't clear, specific, or easy enough. This is why I teach my clients how to plan in a way that works with their brain so they stop procrastinating on their priorities.

What if I already do more things each day?

A: First, don't include things you're already doing or would already do even if they weren't planned in your prioritized list. Second, are the things you're doing effective? This would be a great time to evaluate what you're doing. 

But how do I pick the 5 most important things?

A: Schedule a consult. You'll get more clarity on what to pick on your consult, and if we decide to work together, you'll gain access to your client resources - even before our first session. In your client resources, there's a whole module on how to decide what to prioritize.

Schedule your free consult here.

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