Power of Planning

If you repeated the way you spent your time today for the next 365 days, where would you be a year from now?

Would you be happy with where you'd be? Great! Make a note of what are you doing, how you're feeling and what are you thinking.

Repeat those things daily.

Now, if you're like most people, you probably don't like where you'd be if you spent the next 365 days the way you spent your time today.

Thankfully, this is easily solvable.

First, we'll get clear on where you want to go by determining the goal you want to create. Then, we'll reverse engineer your goal to create your two-part plan:

  1. Simple, doable plan
  2. Impact plan

The simple, doable plans builds your consistency, confidence and self-image, and your impact plan allows you to hit your goals faster and easier. It acts as rocket fuel for your goal.

Those plans go into your calendar and you learn exactly how to follow your calendar like a boss.

This powerful combination makes hitting your goals inevitable.

DYI'ing your goal is the slow way. Stop the struggle. Create your plan and make your goals done, today.



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