GrettaMay 12, 2022

"I need to do a good job."
"I'm responsible."
"It's important."

These statements seem positive but they are some of the most common causes of procrastination for me and for my clients.

These (and similar thoughts) are what I call high-stakes thoughts. High-stakes thoughts are thoughts that create a feeling of pressure. And not the good kind of pressure.

This matters because your actions are a product of your feelings.


Internal pressure (there actually isn't such thing as external pressure, it's all internal, but for the sake of clarity, the kind of pressure I'm talking about here is the kind that doesn't come from an external deadline) shuts you down.

This is why if you want to decrease the amount of time you procrastinate, you're going to want to start paying attention to what you're telling yourself about the things you're procrastinating on. Because when you do, you can control the amount of internal pressure you're putting on yourself.


Low-stakes thoughts

It's no big deal.

Let's have some fun.

I'm just here to help.


Low-stakes thoughts are action-producing thoughts. And! They unlock the door to high-level problem solving. This looks like creative solutions that are super easy to implement and seem to just fall in your lap. You get work done quickly and easily: things just *work*.

If high-stakes thoughts are a dam, low-stakes thoughts are a raging river.

Shifting from high-stakes thoughts to low-stakes thoughts are your ticket to busting your procrastination habit.


This is what I teach my clients how to do. You can schedule your free consult here.

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