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GrettaJune 25, 2020


Who or what is responsible for your good results? Luck? Your teacher/coach/instructor/mentor? The Universe? It might seem like an easy answer when phrased this way. Maybe you think, duh, me! I'm responsible for my good results! Or maybe it's not an easy answer for you. Maybe you think it is because of a teacher or mentor. Maybe you think your good results are because of a course.

While things are going well and you're getting great results, it's smooth sailing. You might think yes, this was the missing piece I needed. And for a while it really feels true. You're reaching your goals, you're making incredible progress, you're creating, implementing and sticking to habits, you're making money, you're feeling happier - whatever it is. You're riding high and whether you realize it or not, you're giving something outside of you credit for your good results.

The problem comes in when things start to slip. You're a human after all, slippage is going to happen. Bank on it. But, when you think your good results come from something outside of you, you'll go to:

  1. It stopped working.
  2. I need to find something else that works now.

No! YOU stopped working! You stopped thinking the thoughts that were creating your amazing results! That's it. What if I'm right about that? When you think it was something outside of you that created your amazing results, the only solution is to blame the outside thing/person and/or try to replace that outside thing/person with new outside thing/person that "works." That's why so many of us are caught in the cycle of: buy, make progress/get the result we want (or not), blame, stall out, buy. On and on. Our progress looks like a damn roller coaster. And we feel like we're ON an emotional roller coaster. It might look something like: Excitement -> Motivation -> Sneaking Disappointment -> Full Blown Doubt (in ourselves, in the program, in our teacher, in the process) -> Blame -> Dejected -> Resigned to our fate as someone who will never get "this."

Our success is ALWAYS 100% our responsibility. Always. Get out of resignation  (I know, it's like crawling out of a freaking mud pit with a weighted vest on) and pinpoint where you stopped working. Where you stopped believing the thoughts that were creating incredible results. What do you need to be thinking to start taking action again? My recommendation is to start with a bridge thought like:

  • Maybe I can be a person who .... (works out consistently, follows a schedule, makes $250,000, whatever your goal is)
  • It's possible that I could ...
  • I'm learning how to ...
  • I'm starting to believe I can ...

Pick one thought that generates a little spark of motivation, or committment, or grit and take action now towards your goal. And give yourself all of the credit for taking the next step.

If you're struggling and feel like you're stuck in resignation  - schedule a free consultation.

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