Start Before You’re Ready

Because you'll never feel ready.

The reason you're putting off taking action is because you're trying to avoid feeling scared, vulnerable, rejected, nervous or embarrassed. You think at some point in the future after you've had more practice, or more experience you won't feel those negative emotions. It's just not true. Any time you're doing something new, those feelings are going to come up. They just are. The only thing you're doing by postponing action is postponing your dreams. Sometimes forever.

STOP IT. If there's something you really want, those negative emotions are going to come up. The FASTEST way to be confident is to start. Right now. Be willing to be bad. Be willing to be a beginner. Be willing to feel rejected, to feel nervous, to feel embarrassed. The more you're willing to feel these negative emotions, the faster you'll get to your goal. The more you're willing to be a beginner, the nicer you'll be to yourself when you fall short of your biggest expectations.

One of my favorite thoughts when trying something new is: I am learning how to (the goal you're striving for) or I am becoming someone who (action you're wanting to take). Practice this thought while taking action towards your goal. Be willing to feel negative emotions. Be willing to be an absolute beginner. Everyone starts somewhere. You've just got to start. Now. It's never going to be easier to start than it will be in this moment.

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