Stop putting everything else ahead of your capacity

GrettaApril 28, 2023

We need to talk about how you're putting EVERYTHING ELSE ahead of your well-being (or as I refer to it: your capacity).

Here's what I mean:

I want you to imagine you're going on a road trip. Let's say you live in Boston and you want to travel to California.

When you have a to-do centric view (aka putting everything else ahead of your capacity), as you were getting in the car you'd briefly notice that you were very low on gas, the check engine light is on, and you definitely need an oil change … and oh ya, that tire looked really low. 

And then you'd blow it off because YOU NEED TO GO. You'd stop for gas right before you ran out and you'd only put 2 gallons in because you have NO TIME TO FILL UP BECAUSE YOU'RE BEHIND! You'd curse your car for not performing well and it would be a long, brutal cross-country trip - with LOTS of stops and possibly even a breakdown along the way.

When you have a capacity-centric view (aka putting your capacity first), you'd notice the check engine light was on. You'd notice that you were overdue for an oil change. You'd notice you were low on gas. You'd notice that that tire looked low. 

And even though it would mean leaving later than you thought you would, you'd make an appointment to take care of all of those things because you know it's a long trip and your car is the thing getting you there so treating it well is vital to enjoying your trip and getting there as easily as possible. 

Let's bring it back to real life.

Your gas being low = You're tired, hungry, or thirsty

Your check engine light = Your home is a mess, you haven't showered, your laundry isn't done, your dishes aren't done, and you don't have any groceries.

Your tire pressure is low = You are mentally, emotionally, or physically just not having your best day. 

How often do you ignore these things? 
How often do you make yourself WRONG for these things?
How often do you tell yourself to suck it up, ignore it, and power through?

My friend. 

It's time to put your capacity first. 

& it starts by asking yourself, “What do I need MOST right now?” And giving yourself whatever that is, in whatever capacity you can, without second guessing yourself or talking yourself out of your answer.

Taking care of your capacity IS the fast way. It IS the most enjoyable way. It IS the easiest way. And - it's the logical way.

Tend to your capacity first, everything else will be so much easier from there.

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