Stop trying to do everything (and get more done)

When your to-do list has 30 items and you're trying to get "everything done" you are inadvertently slowing yourself down.

Your brain cannot focus on 30 things at once. So when you try to, you end up feeling overwhelmed and confused and you don't even know where to start.

It’s counterintuitive but the way to get everything done IS to pick 1-3 things to focus on at a time.

This works because when you only have 1-3 things to focus on, it keeps you out of confusion and overwhelm and it focuses your brain. When you have downtime or during your work time, you KNOW what to focus on.

& when you know what you need to do, you’ll get those things done. Fast. When those are done, you’ll feel proud of yourself and really accomplished. This will fuel you to keep going. & then you can move on to the next 1-3 things.

Repeat until your list is done, or you decide to be done for the day.

Remember: “It’s not enough” & “It’s all important” & “I want to do it all” will ALWAYS lead to you doing way less than you want to.

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