Stop Waiting for Life To Slow Down to Start Showing Up Consistently In Your Business

You can be tired, have a busy, unpredictable schedule AND still show up consistently in your business - easily.


What I see happen is my clients think because they're feeling tired, or because they're busier than they want to be, or because their schedule is unpredictable they can't show up in their business consistently.

It feels too hard - like they just can't get in the right mental space to work on writing posts or sharing stories or recording podcasts.

They just keep waiting for life to slow down.

They capitalize on their time off and craft these beautiful, perfect days (aka they finally have their perfect conditions they've been dreaming of) they absolutely cannot replicate in their "real" day to day life. 

And when their life gets busy again, they fall back into the same pattern and put their business on the  backburner.

My friend, if this is you, you're stuck in an all or nothing loop.

You do this because as humans, we tend to wayyy overestimate the need for perfect conditions (having lots of time, the perfect schedule, getting a solid 9 hours of sleep, being caffeinated and well-fed, not being interrupted, not wasting time scrolling on IG, etc. etc. etc. in order to be productive) and we wayyy underestimate the value of small, consistent yet needle-moving action.

This is black + white thinking at play and it’s making the experience of your life and business miserable and way harder than it needs to be.

Let's make it easier:

You need a SIMPLE (simple, simple, simple) plan - one that's so easy you can follow it even on your busiest, most sleep deprived weeks.

The goal here is to create MOMENTUM. Momentum is not created through effort and pushing through; it's created through CONSISTENCY.

And in order to be consistent, your plan needs to be easy.

When you're consistent, you won't have to "work up" to get in the right headspace to write posts or emails or record podcasts - you'll just already be in the right headspace.

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