The BIGGEST stumbling block for perfectionists when it comes to managing their time

GrettaAugust 16, 2023

I see this ALL the time. The biggest stumbling block for perfectionists when it comes to managing their time is all or nothing thinking, which looks like: 


1. Waiting until you have a big block of time so you can get that project done all in one sitting.



2. Waiting for the perfect moment to work on your business, sign that next client, or get started on that paper you've been procrastinating on



3. Being either "on track" or "off-track" - you're either all the way in and being consistent like you wanted to be, whether that's in your business, with working out, or with a new hobby - OR you're off-track and doing nothing (other than telling yourself you need to get back on track)



4. Believing unless you can get massive results NOW, it's not worth your time.



All-or-nothing thinking keeps you in the short game. It devalues little action now, and values big action later.



All-or-nothing thinking is the thing that's delaying your progress on your goals AND it's what's keeping those deadlines hanging over your head - for wayyyyy longer than they need to. 



It'll keep you stuck and frustrated in business, and it'll keep you perpetually overwhelmed and stressed out in your 9-5. 



The key to solving for this is adopting a long game mindset.



A long game mindset is calm and sufficient and steady.



A long game mindset is trusting - trusting of yourself and trusting that your goals are as good as done.



A long game mindset values small, daily action and KNOWS it adds up in a big way.



And, a long game mindset knows how to get started, now. 



If you're a perfectionist who struggles with pushing off time blocks, or waiting for big blocks of time to take action, and you're tired of your lack of progress and you're tired of projects hanging over your head - schedule a consult. 



On that call you'll learn the exact things that are keeping you waiting and keeping you inconsistent, and what to do about them.


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