The easiest (and most effective) way to plan your week

1. Ask yourself, if I could only get ONE thing done each day, what 5 things would be the most important for me to accomplish this week?

2. Decide what one thing you'll do each day.

3. Before you write that down, ask yourself: "What exactly will I produce/create/accomplish each day?"

4. Write that down. It should be the result of your action, not the action itself. Put a little circle next to that thing. When you complete it, fill it in.

Here's a very real example of my Monday "thing":

Fraudulent charges reversed with Chase bank.

When you pick only the most important things (instead of trying to do everything) + you write them out very clearly and explicitly, you will get so much more done. SO MUCH MORE.

You will create momentum & you'll get to tell yourself, I'm the person who always follows through. This is priceless.

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