The easiest way to get more done

GrettaSeptember 13, 2022

The easiest way to get more done isn't to plan everything out.

When you put every last thing you want to do in your calendar, you're skipping a crucial step.


When you skip prioritizing and jump straight into throwing everything into your calendar, you're setting yourself up for frustration, confusion, stress and procrastinating.

Here's why:

The truth is, you're planning things that don't need to be planned 

These are the easy things that don't really have a hard deadline, they're the mundane things that don't have an impact on your biggest goals, and these are the things you'd do anyway even if you didn't plan them. And because these things are EASY you'll do them and leave yourself little time and energy for the things that you actually need to do, that WILL have a big impact.

and you're skipping things that DO need to be planned because you don't yet know how to plan these things in a way that makes them easy to do - there is a way and I can't wait to teach you!.

These are things like big projects, making offers, and presentations.

Without prioritizing, you'll be using up your energy on the easy things, and procrastinating on the hard things.

If you want to break this cycle, schedule a consult and let's talk about what program may be right for you. 

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