The Two Most Common Thoughts that Create Overwhelm & What To Do About Them

"I have so much to do, I don't even know where to start."

    • This is often caused by an underlying thought, "I don't know the right place to start" or "I have to pick the right thing to start on."
    • We falsely think there's a right or wrong thing to do in any given moment. We end up putting pressure on our decision which paralyzes our decision-making and our action towards getting something, anything done.
    • Once you have the details (see solution below), make the best decision with the information you have in the moment.



    • Get clear on the details by writing down everything that needs to get done today, decide on ONE place to get started, highlight that one item, and take a Sharpie to the rest (only do this Sharpie part in your brain).
    • I love the visual of having everything that you'd like to do written out on a piece of paper, with the first item highlighted, and the rest blacked out in Sharpie. P.S. This is a magic Sharpie and after you're done with the first thing that you highlighted, the next item gets un-Sharpied and highlighted so you always know what you're focusing on in the moment.


"I should have been done with this already."

    • You're arguing with reality. Even if there were an actual deadline that you missed, you're still arguing with reality. You shouldn't have been done with it because you're not actually done with it.
    • Our brains falsely think that if we should ourselves, we'll somehow get it done faster.
    • The only reason our brains want to get it done faster is because we think turning it in will make us feel better. This is because when you aren't aware that your thinking is causing your feelings, you think your external circumstances are the cause your feelings. Therefore, we want to change and control those external circumstances to try to feel better.
    • The only reason you actually feel better when you turn it in is because the unconscious drip of 'should'ing' yourself gets turned off.
    • Should'ing yourself always feels terrible. 99/100, should'ing yourself produces a negative emotion, whether that's overwhelm or feeling defeated or another negative emotion. And if you've read this post, you know that our actions are driven by our feelings.



      • If you want to get that thing done now, or even today, you're going to want to take more focused, decisive action from a place of commitment or determination rather than overwhelm because overwhelm generally creates inaction, rather than action.


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