Time Blocking Drama

GrettaApril 21, 2022

Ahh time blocking. The way we've be told is the best and most effective way to manage our time. The way that I tried to manage my time for 2 and a half years.

And the way I could never get right (truthfully, I felt like I never even got close despite my best and obsessive efforts). I thought there was something wrong with me.

I dutifully planned my week. Took a screen shot at the beginning of the week of my original calendar and compared to what I actually did. Week after week.

I evaluated what went well. What didn't. & create a list of things to improve upon next week. And what did I have to show for it? Anxiety.

& listen. I get that this totally works for some people. If you're those people - amazing. Seriously. Keep doing what works for you.

If you're not, read on. You are not alone.

When I FINALLY gave myself permission to stop in October 2021 - I felt a mixture of complete terror and sweet relief.

Terror that I'd never create another result again and that I was probably making the biggest mistake of my life. And relief because that shit was insane. And I could finally take a step back and truly see just how insane it was.

I'd spent 2.5 years trying to act right. DO right. Follow my calendar perfectly. All for what exactly? I couldn't figure out what the point was anymore. I'd lost the plot.

I decided maybe, just maybe, there wasn't actually anything wrong with me at all. Maybe it was the system. Because the last thing, and I do mean the very last thing, a perfectionist needs is more rules.

We already live with the constant fear of "doing it wrong." Someone appears mad? We did something wrong. Any perceived disagreement or misunderstanding? We did something wrong. Unexpected outcome? We FOR SURE did something wrong along the way.

For me, the constant pursuit of adhering more closely to what I planned ended up creating minute by minute hyper-awareness of all the ways I was fucking up.

Started late? wrong. Kept working on a time block past the time I was supposed to? Wrong. Pushed a time block off until later in the week? WRONG. Ignoring my entire calendar in shame? WRONG WRONG WRONG

Could I have exercised just a *scooch* more compassion? Absolutely. But the conclusion that I came to was: this system + my perfectionistic brain don't mix. If a system creates MORE drama AND you're also not doing the things despite true, consistent, and best efforts? It's not a match & it's time to move on.

If that's you and you want hope and maybe a little permission that it's safe to move on and try something new, that's what I'm here to offer you today.

My life and business thrived after I let go of that system. I had space to do what I wanted in the moment without scheduling it in. I could actually see what the few most important things were and I got them done, without stressing about arbitrary start and end times. And most importantly: the overall experience of my day was calm and quiet and easeful. All of the mental chatter around my calendar was gone.

This what's waiting for you, too.

If this post resonated with you and you'd love nothing more than to learn how to manage your time without obsessing over whether you're doing it right, I want to invite you to schedule a consult here.

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