Tiny Tweaks, Big Results


It's the small, daily changes that produce big results.

I am currently reading the book Emotional Agility by Susan David, PhD and one of her principles is the Tiny Tweaks Principle. She states, "... small deliberate tweaks infused with your values can make a huge difference in your life. This is especially true when we tweak the routine and habitual parts of life, which, through daily repetition, then afford tremendous leverage for change."

It struck me in two ways. The first is that I am now starting to reap the benefits of making small changes. 10 weeks ago, I started: following a budget, a meal plan, and a schedule and I started working out 6 days per week. One positive change snowballed into the next (first was the schedule, then the working out and following a budget, and finally the meal plan).

The results that I'm now reaping, 10+ weeks later: I get to enjoy a clean home daily,  I've made significant progress in my business, I'm on top of bills, birthdays, and appointments. I no longer feel out of control about money, I no longer have back pain or stiffness, I'm a lot stronger and I am starting to see some muscle definition. I have way more energy, I know exactly how certain foods make me feel, and no drama around food. It took almost 10 weeks for me to really start seeing process in these areas but I stayed committed. And, my commitment each day to small daily actions is now really starting to pay off.

I felt like this quote also applied was in regard to learning to be an ally. I, like many other white people, felt a significant amount of urgency over the last two weeks to make drastic changes. Taking big, giant action, making big statements, trying to change all at once. Unfortunately, that all leads to burnout. The phrase that kept coming up for me is, "I feel like I'm out over my skis." It's impossible to make these big changes all at once. Where the real power is, is in making small, sustainable changes and leveraging the power of time. I've already witnessed the power of this in my personal life. I know it works. It doesn't feel sexy and it often doesn't feel like much, but that's where we can make the biggest change. Commitment to small daily action.

Some of the "small" things I'm doing/have done are: set up recurring donations to any of the organizations on this list, making it a point to make recipes from black bloggers, rating the recipes, photographing those recipes, and sharing them on social media. Following black coaches and hiring black coaches/CPA's/employees. Reading books by black authors. Watching documentaries. Buying from black-owned businesses. Voting, helping other people register to vote, and staying active in your local politics/elections.

Even if you picked only one thing off of the list and 100% committed to it weekly, it would have a huge impact. Small, tiny, sustainable tweaks will create the biggest impact over time.


If you're feeling burn out, or having trouble processing emotions or want help with making a change in your life, schedule a consultation and we'll chat!



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