What am I making this mean?

GrettaJuly 1, 2020

What am I making this neutral circumstance mean?

If you want to start to get some relief and awareness in your life, start by asking yourself this question: What am I making this neutral circumstance mean?

Circumstances are other people. Circumstances are events in your past. Circumstances are the words people say. Circumstances are jobs and money and cars and homes and debt.

Example: Someone cuts you off in traffic. You think: what a jerk.

  • Circumstance: Someone cuts you off
  • Thought: What a jerk.

The fact that they cut you off is a circumstance. You have a choice in that moment what you want to think. How is that?

Circumstances are neutral. They don't cause feelings. Your thoughts about the circumstances are what cause your feelings. So, the most important question you can ask yourself is: what am I making this neutral circumstance mean?

That's why you're mad, upset, happy, angry, scared, or excited. Not the circumstance. You can't control or change every circumstance but you do have the power to choose your thoughts.

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