What happens when you think you aren’t doing enough

Believing that you're not doing enough will always lead to you doing "not enough." Keep thinking it long enough and you'll either be forcing yourself to keep going (this is exhausting and could be why you feel tired and you're not enjoying creating your goal) OR you'll give up all together.

"I'm not doing enough" SEEMS factual. You have an idea in your head of what you should be doing. You're not doing it. Therefore you're not doing enough, right?

Wrong. Stick with me.

How do you feel when you think, "I'm not doing enough."

Defeated? Disappointed? Despair?

Our emotions are fuel for our actions. So when you're feeling these emotions it's like putting water into your gas tank. You're pumping liquid in but you're not going to be able to drive anywhere.

In terms of goal creation, emotions like determination and commitment are the fuel you want.

If you don't know how to create these emotions, on purpose, I can teach you how. Intentional emotional creation is a key component of learning how to follow through with the things you want to do. Ready to learn how? Schedule a consult. 

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