What is coaching?

GrettaJune 2, 2020

... and what can it do for me?

If you have a goal, or even a vague idea that there's something more out there for you, you need a coach. Why? Because once you've fully committed to growth, your success is inevitable. The only question is: how are you going to get there? Are you going to walk and use a compass? Or are you going to jump into a Ferrari with a GPS? No matter which you choose, you get to the destination, you do the work, but it's a lot faster in the Ferrari.

I've experienced this in my own life. About 6 years ago, I started having this inkling that there had to be more out there for me. I was miserable in my career, miserable in my life, I felt tired and at the effect of my circumstances. Although I wouldn't have explained it that way - I just thought things sucked. My finances and debt? Sucked. My body? UGH. My job? Hated it and felt like I was trapped in a career that I couldn't stand. Relationships? Drama. Lack. Neediness. Controlling. My schedule? Couldn't set and follow a routine to save my life. I resisted it more than almost anything else. Mornings? Hot mess. I'd wake up 10 minutes before I had to leave for work. I the gist of all of my thinking was: I'm trapped, I'm stuck, this all sucks. I'm stuck in this body, I'm stuck with my debt, and I'm stuck in a career I hate. I'm miserable, this all sucks. Feeling stuck is an awful feeling. It's also one of the most pervasive lies we tell ourselves.

In 2014, I had no idea what 'more' was, exactly. I started reading self-help books, joined various courses, started working out again, started eating healthier again, and with each passing year, that vision for my future-self got a little more clear. I kept up with some good habits and others, like working out and eating healthfully, came and went. Even though I wasn't perfect, a lot of consistent, small steps lead me to eventually taking a giant leap. In March 2020, I joined my coaching program. About a month later, I joined a group business coaching program, which lead me to hiring my coach. For reference, this occured on March 9th, April 15th and April 20th, respectively. That giant leap has opened up the flood gates. I've met more personal and professional goals in the last 6 weeks than I had in the previous 6 years combined.

I started with my coach on April 27th and since then, it's like someone has strapped me to a rocket ship. I feel like I can barely keep up, in the best way. I've reached goals that have been dreams for so long. Eating? Healthy with occasional, planned "unhealthy" meals and treats. No drama. Easy. Waking up early? Every morning, no alarm., usually up by 5:30 or 6. Money? On my way, and learning that making money and having money is easy and comfortable. There's plenty for me. There's plenty in the world. My body? Love it. Never felt more comfortable in my body. Ever. My job? I'm in my dream job: life coach. It's somehow even better than I imagined it to be. My relationships: the absolute best they've ever been. And not because anyone besides me changed. My schedule: I manage downtime (hello, quarantine) easily, follow my schedule, my house is clean, laundry is done, and get everything done I want to get done - including growing my business.

How? Managing my mind through coaching myself and working with coaches in group and in 1:1 programs. That's it. That's all that's changed. And all of those changes have lead to massively huge results in my life. When your mind is well-managed, your emotions are well-managed. When your emotions are well-managed, you're taking new, positive actions. When you're taking new and positive actions, you get new and positive results. It's not easy, but it is that simple. A coach and coaching programs make it a whole lot easier.

Is everything perfect now? No. Way. I still, and will always have areas I'm working on. Right now, my biggest focus is money and my business. How am I working on them? The same way I met my other goals - thought work, deepening my belief in myself and changing the beliefs that aren't serving me. I do this and will continue to do this through coaching myself, group coaching programs, and having a 1:1 coach.

If you want to get out of misery and out of feeling stuck, schedule a free consultation. We'll get to work.

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