“What planner should I use?”

GrettaJune 15, 2023
The #1 question I get:

“Is there a planner you recommend?”

My tangible answer:
1. Google calendar: ONLY for appointments or meetings
2. 1-3 daily priorities and put I those on my giant wall calendar (you could also use literally any calendar to keep track of your 1-3 priorities)
The real answer:
It's NEVER about the planner. There isn't a magical planner out there that will keep you organized. This isn't a thing.
Time management skills ARE the “magical planner.” 

Time management skills are:

  1. Honest, proactive communication (instead of people-pleasing and giving out deadlines you hope you can deliver on)
  2. Planning well (knowing how to work with your brain to make the things you need to do, easy, so you can stop waiting on big blocks of time to follow through, AND so you can navigate out of procrastination and overwhelm)
  3. Prioritizing (how to know what moves the needle and what doesn't so you know what to focus on and what to set aside, for now. Not utilizing this skill will have you feeling like you always have too much to do and you aren't getting the things you want to do, done.)
  4. Know your capacity (this is what allows you to stop taking on more than you can handle and start actually enjoying your work time + planning realistically so your workload always feels manageable AND so you can do the work you love with the people you enjoy.)
  5. How to do things now (instead of pushing them off until later)
  6. Willingness to fail (more time won't make you more confident, “doing it right” won't make you more confident, learning more won't make you more confident, but failure - and most importantly LEARNING from failure, will)
  7. Commitment (commitment is required for consistency, progress towards your goals, and following through when you don't feel motivated)
When you have time management skills, it literally won't matter which planner you use. You'll be able to make ANYTHING work. Want to learn these skills? Join 100k Habits. Book a consult to join. Doors close TOMORROW.

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