When Planning Goes Wrong

GrettaMarch 25, 2021

You’re full of energy and determination to get everything done today.

So, naturally, you sit down to write out your plan first. Eee! This is going to be SUCH a productive day. Gonna kill it.

Your excitement builds higher with each task you write, imagining how good it’s going to feel when everything is done.

The clean house.
The meals prepped.
The workout complete.

And then.

You notice your energy starts to dip. It’s subtle at first so you wave it away and keep writing.

Oh no.

It’s getting stronger. Impossible to ignore at this point.

And then ALL of the questions start flooding in. How am I going to do this project? What workout am I going to do? When am I going to get all of this done?

Overwhelm sets in. Then the doubt.
You stop writing.

Defeat takes over and feel even worse than before you started. And worse yet, you have no energy to do anything at all now and suddenly everything seems pressing - like it should have been done yesterday.

A nap sounds good.

What the hell just happened?
Planning Overwhelm.

I’ll teach you exactly what to do when you’re in it and how to avoid it altogether.

You'll know what to do when you feel that motivation so you can capitalize on it and use it as rocket fuel to create an incredible day and week. Ready to learn how?

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