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GrettaJuly 22, 2020


Where will you be in 5 years if you keep living this way?

What life do you want to have 5, 10, or 20 years from now? Are you on the path you need to be on to get there? Or, are you on track to a totally different destination?

These are some of the most important questions you can ask yourself. If you feel like, yes, I'm 100% on track to the life I want to have 20 years from now, you can stop reading here! If the answer is no, and maybe you're feeling a little panicky or despondent. You're in the right place. Number one, I'm a coach and this is exactly what I do, every single day. For myself and for my clients. I help my clients discover what it is that they truly want and help set the course to get them there. I point out obstacles that they can't see that are in their way and we go about removing them.

The second point I think is really important here is, we don't need to make big, massive, drastic changes to get back on course. Imagine a rudder on a boat. If you move it just a little today, you will end up in a completely different location 3 years from now compared to where you'd be if you just left it alone. I want to give you an example of this from my very recent past.

In January of 2019, I decided I'd start listening to podcasts. People raved about them all of the time but I didn't really see the point. My teacher at Foodtography school (a course I had just finished in October 2018) had mentioned James Wedmore's podcast. I respected her, so I figured I'd give it a listen. I ended up really enjoying it and continued listening to it weekly. In May 2019, he had a guest on his show: Brooke Castillo. I had never heard of her prior to the podcast and her interview had me hooked. I immediately signed up for her group coaching program, Self-Coaching Scholars and I started binge-listening to her podcast: The Life Coach School Podcast. I started implementing thought work and wrote down a goal for summer 2020 to join her Life Coach Certification program. But, it was not smooth sailing for me. I freaked out about the monthly cost, thought the monthly work was silly so I didn't do it, and quit after 3 months. When she said: if you're worried about the money, it's the exact reason you need Scholars. I thought that was just a line. I was so wrong and she was exactly right. Even though I quit her group coaching program, I kept listening to her podcast. She launched Scholars 2.0 in January of 2020 and I knew I had to join. This time, I went all in and actually did the monthly work. And shocker, my life changed. I was a lot calmer, I started setting goals, stopped blaming other people, and took back control over my life. So much so that I joined her Life Coach Certification program in March 2020, hired my first 1:1 coach in April 2020 and have joined 2 more group coaching programs (2k for 2k and Cultivate Margin) and my life is so different from where I was this time last year and unrecognizable compared to where I was 5 years ago. To name a few changes:

  • I follow my schedule 90% of the
  • My home is clean and organized every single day
  • I set and achieve goals every single month
  • I work out 6 days per week (I'm on week 17 of this!)
  • I eat following a plan that I write 24 hours in advance
  • I manage my mind and I'm no longer at the effect of everything in the world and when I slip into blame, I recognize it and shift my thinking
  • I work from home and I'm a full-time life coach now (no longer an occupational therapist - except for two clients I work with online that I don't think I'll ever give up because I love them so). I'm most proud of this accoplishment and writing this feels like I'm writing it for a visualization, not describing my actual current life. I had visualized this reality, working from home, in a cute office, doing ... something, since 2015. To be living it now is a dream come true.

All of this transformation occured because I decided to start listening to podcasts a year and a half ago. One small thing leads to the next, that leads to the next. Before you know it, you're well on your way to living the life of your dreams. If you want this for yourself - and why would you not?! - it's 100% possible for you, too. I promise. Book a consultation so we can get started as soon as possible!

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