“Why Do I Procrastinate?”

GrettaNovember 15, 2022

Simply put: your brain's job is to talk you out of doing anything other than seeking pleasure, avoiding pain, and conserving energy.

If you're trying to do something that you perceive as challenging, new or requiring effort expect that your brain WILL try to talk you out of it.


This is completely normal. You aren't lazy and there isn't anything wrong with you. EVERYONE procrastinates to some degree. It's just a healthy, normal function of your brain.

In order to get into action easily, you're going to want to know how to make the thing you want to do easy, effortless, and more familiar.


Here's how:

Limit your focus to one thing at a time. Meaning, pick ONE thing that you've been avoiding and do this:

1. Picture yourself doing the task, what's the very first thing you'll do?

2. Write that first step down and put the rest of your to-do list away (physically and mentally - don't worry about next steps or anything else on your to-do list)

3. ONLY expect yourself to complete that first step. When you're done, give yourself permission to stop.

That's it!

You can repeat as often as needed until the list of things you've been procrastinating on is done.


Remember: the key to overcoming procrastination is to make starting easy.

P.S. Ready to take this work deeper and learn how to manage your time easily?  Schedule your free consult here.

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