Why does it always feel like I’m not doing enough?

This is such a meaty topic, I want to start by breaking it down piece by piece so we can start to untangle this belief over the course of a week.


Let's start with some of the most common reasons why you might be thinking that you're not doing enough:


1. You're wired this way. Our brains love to think doing more is the solution for pretty much everything. What comes to mind is, "if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail." Until you understand what the real problem is (your thoughts and feelings) you will always try to action your way to a solution.


2. You haven't defined what "enough" is, ahead of time and on purpose. Since "enough" isn't some tangible thing we can look up and measure, if left unexamined, we will always decide that our current "lack of results" mean that we haven't done enough.


3. Our brains think doing = results. That's not the case. Doing = a piece of a larger multi-piece puzzle that creates a result.


4. We as a society have been taught more is better. Therefore, if we don't have the results more is the answer.


5. We think "being productive" is a badge of honor and if we're productive, we can feel good. And conversely, if we determine that we're being "unproductive" it means we're a failure. Just like with "enough", not only does "productivity" need to be defined, on purpose ahead of time it also really needs to be examined and untangled from your worth and purpose.

Ok! That's all for today. Tomorrow, we'll talk about what happens when you think you're not doing enough. Hint: it's not so great for the longevity of whatever goal you're working on! In the meantime, I'd love to know, which reason sounds most like the one you're operating from right now? Tell me in the comments on let me know over on Instagram.


P.S. If you loved this and want to take a personalized, deeper dive into why you keep believing that you haven't done enough so you can finally stop believing it for good, I want to invite you to book a consult.





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2 thoughts on “Why does it always feel like I’m not doing enough?

  1. I got to know you through the latest Mind over Blog episode (no 16) and just had to get to know your blog better!
    Mostly 2, but also 5 resonate a lot with me. How can I define what is enough and be ok with a certain level of productivity. Super interesring!