How Do I Get Back On Track

“I used to have it. The morning routine. Working out. Eating healthy. I felt so confident. I don't know why I can't just get back on track. It wasn't this hard to start last time. How do I get back on track?"

Today you'll learn:

- Why it's so hard to get back on track

- Why you got off track in the first place

- & How to get back on track - sustainably (this is key!).

First, it's so hard to get back on track because you're waiting for that "first time" excitement and motivation to kick in like last time. But this is like walking in your closet and expecting yourself to suddenly be excited about the clothes you've owned for 3 years. It's just an unfair expectation.

Second, in order to understand why you got off track, you have to first understand what got you on track. The intoxicating aroma of: novelty + possibility + motivation + excitement.

These are great starters but terrible maintainers. After those evaporated (as they do), then you turned to willpower. And willpower is finite. So when that rans out, you were left feeling depleted.

The problem is, you can't manufacture novelty, so this equation breaks. Which is why, try as you might, you weren't able to muster up more motivation.

Thankfully, you never need motivation (or excitement, novelty, or possibility) to maintain a habit or routine.

Here's what you DO need:

1. Sustainability

(Plan on going slow and plan on starting small. Decide on ONE habit and make it as clear and easy and doable as possible. It should feel TOO easy. Write it down. Decide when you'll do it. Get VERY specific.)

2. A willingness to work bored.

(Commitment feels a wholllleee lot like boredom. But greatness is born through boredom and tedium. ANYONE can learn how to work bored. Promise. You just have to have a little willingness.)

3. Patience & keep the long game in mind.

(Once you know how to build one sustainable habit, you can build MANY sustainable habits.) 

This is how you get back on track, and STAY on track, sustainably.

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