Why you feel busy (but not productive)

GrettaJune 8, 2023

If you feel busy (but not productive) here’s why:

You don’t have clear priorities.

You’re acting like a cashier, just scanning everything that comes your way on your conveyor belt. But what you’re not realizing is, you’re the one putting things on the conveyor belt.

And not everything belongs.

This is prioritizing.

Here’s how to solve for it:

Identify your top three priorities (make sure they align with your goals!)

And put those in your calendar first (even if you haven’t been spending time on them in the past).

What you’re going to find is, not everything fits. And THIS is the real problem. You’re overcapacity.

Which means, it’s time to make some tough decisions:

What can be delegated, right now?
What can you take off entirely?
What can you automate?
What can you pare down (even if it’s just temporarily)?
What can you set aside for the next couple weeks?

This is the work I do with my clients. The patterns that are having you take on too much, repeatedly, are the things to solve for. You cannot outwork a too full calendar. You’re just going to keep filling it up until you get to the root cause of why you’re taking on more work than you have time for. Ready to feel less stressed? Book a consult.


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