Why you keep scrolling (even when you want to stop)

GrettaSeptember 16, 2021

You're not out of control around your phone. You're just not using the right part of your brain to BE in control.

It's simply a decision - deciding ahead of time what you'll look at specifically before you grab your phone. Deciding when you want to use it. Deciding when you won't use it.

And then trusting yourself that you'll honor that decision.

This is how you follow through with anything that you want to do, from using social media less, creating a workout habit, or the morning routine of your dreams.

No complicated plan necessary.

Ready to be the boss of your brain so you can be the boss of your phone? Schedule a consult. I'll show you where you're delegating responsibility now and how to take it back so you can feel in charge of your day and how often you're using your phone.

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